Backshop Bicycle Travel Supply is a bicycle tour operator for adventure enthusiasts from around the world.


A backshop or back-shop is a specialized store or workshop found in service industries. Most repairs or service is carried out in small workshops, except where an industrial service is needed.

We specialize in making southern Colorado and Guatemala accessible to traveling cyclists. Each place is called home for a variety of reasons, but it comes down to the great weather, scenery, and bike riding. Our tours are designed to combine all of this into a unique cultural travel cycling experience that challenges you mentally and physically.


The cycling lifestyle is healthy and inspiring.

Bicycles have the power to motivate individuals and communities in positive ways. This is why we are dedicated to curating and promoting access to cycling. Backshop Bicycle Travel Supply provides an adventure travel experience rooted in cultural engagement and immersion. Both Colorado and Guatemala are special places to explore. Our tours allow you the chance to do it like a local.  


Connecting through culture and sport.

Our goal is to curate an appreciation for the cycling lifestyle in Antigua, Guatemala and Trinidad, Colorado. We are a cross between a cycling club, travel agency and advocacy. Backshop Bikes aims to promote trail access and development in both places.