Creating a memorable adventure travel experience

Our code of conduct is designed to provide guidance around how we expect clients to act or behave while on a Backshop mountain bike tour. We believe following them will result in a more enjoyable adventure travel experience, for not only you, but others in your group, as well as native citizens. Acquaint yourself with local customs and rules prior to booking a mountain bike tour.  

Purpose of these guidelines

Our mountain bike tours will place you in close proximity to local homes, businesses, and community resources. We want to ensure they have a lasting positive influence. We encourage you to make friends and enjoy what the locals have to offer, but understand that it comes with the responsibility to help us maintain a sustainable adventure travel model that benefits local citizens.

Respect cultural behaviors & customs

In the areas that we visit during our mountain bike tours things may be done differently from where you live and work. This is why we love them, and why you are there. So when dealing with local people, please accept their differences and respect their way of life. A traveler who is happy and converses with locals will have a much better experience and will leave a better impression than one who seeks fault.

Rules of Engagement

These are the general guidelines that should be considered by clients:

  • Treat waiting staff with respect, yelling or getting upset with a server will likely not resolve the issue, show patience in public places

  • Refrain from smoking in any public places

  • Make an effort to learn and use a few basic words in Spanish when interacting with people in a business or home. Simple words like “Hola - Hello”, “Por Favor - Please”, or “Gracias - Thank You” are signs of respect and can go along way when around locals.  

Environmental responsibility

Our commitment towards running a sustainable mountain bike tour operation begins with environmental stewardship initiatives. We have designed all of our mountain bike rides to minimize the use of motor vehicles where possible, and encourage the use of the bike for the duration of the trip. We also recycle as much as possible, and encourage trail trash clean up habits with clients and local cyclists.

Packed lunches/snacks: on some of the day rides you’ll want to carry food or snacks and we’ll try to be mindful of wrappers and/or packaging. What is packed to start the day must be kept and thrown out at the end of the day. We’ll identify ways of recycling items when possible, or will provide a place to throw your trash away. Backshop promotes the practice of Leave No Trace.

Drinking water: filtered water will be provided at the hotel for filling a bladder or bottle that can be used every day. We do not promote the use of plastic bottles. You should also consider traveling with purification tablets.

Food and accommodation

Food is an integral part of any travel experience. During our mountain biking tours we  chef/nutritionist selecting hand-picked dishes, made with locally-sourced produce and meat throughout the week. If you are not wanting to eat at the hotel, there are a wealth of options to check out in Antigua.

We partnered with a small guesthouse that employs local workers. If we have to use larger hotels, we opt for non-chain, locally-owned establishments.

Please respect the property and surroundings, and for other guests staying in the hotel, as well as the neighbors.

Hopefully this trip leaves a lasting impression on your life. Our goal is to have clients learn something about Guatemala and the specific regions we visit, while also having the mountain bike experience of a lifetime.