“El Cuartelejo”

Trinidad, Colorado

Trinidad is located along the Colorado-New Mexico border. Beginning in the 17th century, the region became known as the “far quarter” by Spanish explorers and Mexican traders, as it represented the fringes of Spanish influence in the Southwest.

Years later, the area became one of the most famous overland trade routes in the world, the Santa Fe Trail. It formed a link to the El Camino de las Tierras Adentro or El Camino Real that extended trade route between Santa Fe, New Mexico, Mexico City, and onward eventually into Antigua in Central America.   

Trinidad, was founded in in the 1860s by a group of settlers from Taos, New Mexico, led by Don Felipe Baca. It later became a prosperous railroad and mining town until these industries declined in significance.

Today there is a resurgence of interest the region’s culture, history  been rediscovered by travelers in recent years. It’s poised to become a gravel bike destination for cyclists to explore in Colorado. Las Animas County possess 1,500 miles (2,400 km) of mixed dirt and paved roads that access the San Isabel National Forest, Comanche National Grasslands, and follow the Highway of Legend and Santa Fe Trail Scenic Bikeways.