Sunflower Valley Tour - May 4, 2019

Sunflower Valley Tour - May 4, 2019


Ride Data

  • Distance 73 Miles

  • Elevation + 2517 / - 2516 Ft

  • Max Grade 6.9%

  • Approx 65/35 Unpaved vs. Paved

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Adventure Ride Information

Stage Stops

There will be one hydration and nutrition stop on the course. You can leave a personal drop bag at the start and stop and fill up. 

Saturday Event Schedule

7:00 Registration/sign in at Elm Street Train Depot (516 E.Elm Street)

8:30 Warm Up

9:00 Start

3:00 - ? Finish at Elm Street Train Depot 

4:00 Lunch/Dinner


Adventure rides are not races. They’re about having fun hanging with like minded people who want to explore and ride hard. Rides are timed, but not for competitive purposes. Again, all roads are open and you must obey traffic laws. See Explore Las Animas Dirt Series Rules

Limited SAG

All rides are self supported. There is one service vehicle sweeping the course but these are “adventure rides”. All riders are expected to ride carefully and take responsibility for their own actions. Each is recommended to carry any tools they may need and enough food for the day. There is no support for cyclists unable to complete the ride. 


Everyone must sign a Backshop Bikes and USAC waiver. You do not need a USAC license for these events, nor will USAC points be awarded.

What You Get

  • A distinct, challenging cycling adventure with like minded people in a cool, up and coming, forming mining town in southern Colorado

  • Feed station support

  • Sponsor provided prizes (random drawings)

  • Timely and accurate results

  • Registration Packet: Custom Explore Las Animas Route Card and Explore Las Animas sticker

  • Limited SAG support en route

  • Post ride meal, including two beers

  • More to come…