We are a unique adventure travel tour operator based in Colorado and Guatemala. Backshop Bicycle Travel Supply is a mash-up of culture and sport, resulting in a next generation destination travel business concept. Our goal is to be a mountain bike cultural hub in Central America. We are a hybrid of a cycling club and adventure travel agency. 

The cycling lifestyle is healthy and inspiring. It has the power to motivate individuals and communities in positive ways. This is why we are dedicated to curating and promoting the mountain bike scene in Central America. Backshop Bicycle Travel Supply provides an adventure travel experience rooted in principles of cultural engagement and immersion. Guatemala is a special place to mountain bike. Backshop mountain bike tours are designed to make you feel like a local in a foreign destination.     



Vuelta de Antigua

This is our flagship Guatemalan mountain bike tour offering. It is a seven day package that is based in Antigua for the duration of the trip. All rides, including vehicle supported ones start and end in town.  

Enduro Chapin

A mountain bike tour designed for those who want to road trip around Guatemala and ride trails in various regions. It is a ten day package that takes clients to three different trail riding destinations. You'll get to see most of the country on this one.  

Tour de Centroamerica

Epic is the best way to describe this Central American mountain bike tour. A fourteen day adventure that goes beyond the borders of Guatemala to include other countries (El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua). This one explores trails throughout the region.


It has all the right components; adventure, travel, great food/drink, and most importantly, EPIC trails that will keep riders coming back time and time again! I'm already yearning for more!