What to Expect:

We encourage everyone to consider our Guatemala mountain bike adventure tour. However, we also want people to understand what this trip will physically demand. Backshop travel packages are designed to challenge clients mentally and physically. You will be riding on consecutive days and for significant distances. Be confident in your mountain bike skills, and eager to apply them in a diverse trail environment. Antigua’s trail network is a mix of conditions.

Steep climbs and descents, along with technical singletrack sections means a client should be in reasonable physical conditioning. This means you ride frequently and often. You can always opt out of a ride, it’s your vacation, but know that this mountain bike adventure trip is meant for the cycling enthusiast who likes riding challenging terrain and often.

Approximate total distance of riding for the week is 95 km, or 60 miles. 


Clients are not obligated to go out on every ride. Rest days are available and there are other cultural, sightseeing and recreational activities that can be incorporated into your trip. Please note, depending on what you choose, there may be additional out of pocket expenses for clients.