Juan Alberto DelaRoca

Backshop Bicycle Travel Supply was born out of his interest to explore trails in Central America on a mountain bike. After riding in Guatemala on more than one occasion, he figured there are others out there who want to ride here too. This is why he launched an adventure travel tour operator focused on delivering a quality service around an authentic mountain biking experience in Central America.

Juan is bilingual, and of Guatemalan heritage. In former lives, he worked at a top bike shop in Boulder, Colorado, started an advertising and marketing consultancy specializing in cultural branding, and currently guides the development of an international snowboard program for Mexico. Yes, the last one is for real. Backshop Bicycle Travel Supply is a reflection of a natural curiosity, creative imagination, and free spirited attitude. 


Tristan Faville

Growing up in the restaurant business, she brings some creative flair to meals offered client's stay in Antigua. Originally from Vermont, Tristan decided to stay in Guatemala after a backpack trip. She has her finger on the pulse of the local food scene, and sources the local ingredients for all the meals cooked throughout the week

Tristan holds a Master's in Clinical Nutrition from the National University of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Her passion is utilizing food as a remedy to promote health and well being, especially for active athletes. During your trip, you'll find her in the kitchen applying her imagination to come up with some seriously good culinary delights.   


Alex Perez

A born and raised Antigua local who provides Backshop clients with exceptional customer service. He coordinates all our transportation needs, helps with light bicycle mechanic duties, including making sure everybody's rides are in great shape to start each day.  

Alex owned his own small bicycle repair business in the town of San Antonio Aguas Calientes and is an amateur bike racer. He got his start on the road, but quickly found himself drawn to the adrenalin of singletrack riding the Guatemalan highlands. Count on him to be there throughout the week.