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International Arrivals & Departures

Colorado-New Mexico excursions start and end in Trinidad, Colorado. Plan to arrive at a reasonable hour of the day prior to your tour start date. In some cases, it may mean spending a night in either Denver, Colorado or Albuquerque, New Mexico. Keep in mind, we’ll do offer a shuttle service to either Denver International Airport or Albuquerque International Sunport. You’ll meet your bike tour guides once settled in Trinidad.

Most flights arrive into Albuquerque and Denver throughout the day. We defer to your travel needs when deciding which airport to use. Denver has many direct flights to and from Europe. Once you’ve decided which airport to expect arrive at, we will plan your pick-up accordingly.

You will be shuttled back to either Albuquerque or Denver on the last day of the tour. We advise booking your flights home no earlier than 8 AM. If your departure flights differ from this, we would be happy to help book you into an airport hotel overnight, if needed.

Traveling to Southern Colorado

Trinidad is conveniently situated on the heavily traveled I-25 Colorado Front Range corridor. It’s a three hour south of Denver, and three hours north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The town is also within a days drive from each major city in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.   

Denver is served by several major airlines from all over the world. For up-to-date timetables and booking visit: British Airways, American Airlines, United, and Delta.

We encourage you to book your bike on to your flight in advance, otherwise you could experience an unexpected charges or delays at the airport. Each airline handles the checking-in of a bicycling differently, make sure you know their requirements.

An added travel option for Midwest and Southwest based travelers is the Amtrak SW Chief train. It serves Trinidad daily from Chicago in the East and Los Angeles in the West. It’s an adventurous and convenient way to travel. Bicycle policy states bikes are allowed, and do not have to be disassembled for travel. However we do recommend checking-in your  bicycle when booking rail travel.

Preparing for a Colorado-New Mexico Gravel Bike Trip

Please carefully read through the full kit list before you start planning for a gravel bike adventure in Colorado. You will want to make sure you have everything needed before arriving to Trinidad.

The cycling terrain in Las Animas County  is for intermediate to expert riders with a reasonably strong fitness level. The pace on our rides are based on the group, but expect to be challenged on a gravel bike tour. Both the landscape and fellow cyclists serve as inspiration throughout the week.

To prepare for your gravel bike adventure in southern Colorado a you should be in proper riding condition and fitness in advance of the trip. It’s highly recommended you bring your own bike. Please be sure it has been properly serviced before the trip.

Accommodations & FOOD

There is no better combination than adventure travel, food, and good nights rest. We can direct clients to clean and safe hotel options, located close to area attractions and stunning settings. Our southern Colorado experiences are rustic style stays, with comfortable amenities, highlighted by regional food products. We’ve partnered with a local rancher to accommodate guests on overnight tours.

Most of the food we offer on tours are relatively simple things, but prepared in tasteful ways. All meals will be well thought out and designed on leaving a memorable impression. If you want to explore other options, Trinidad has a number of dining establishments to give a try.  

Bike Guides

We work with friendly and trail knowledgeable bike guides. They are qualified and well versed with the cycling terrain you will encounter in the Colorado-New Mexico region.

Our guides have years of experience riding the roads and trails of Colorado and are insightful when it comes to local history, plants, and animals. They are there to make sure that everyone in the group is taken care of and has a great time.

Health & Safety

Traveling in the United States does not require vaccinations, however that is not say the Southwest is not a region without risks. Online resources like MD Travel Health can provide a list of suggested precautions to consider. Southern Colorado is a sparsely populated part of the state, with great distances between towns and amenities. We recommend being well prepared for long days where plenty of water and food are essential.

Trinidad is situated in a region where more than one habitat ecosystem clashes to produce an  “edge effect”. Greater biodiversity means there is an active population of wildlife present. Here it includes bears, mountain lions, antelope, elk, and predatory bird species. Be prepared to deal accordingly with wildlife interactions.        

Currency & FOreign Exchange

US Dollars are always accepted in all commercial establishments. ATM machines are easily accessible throughout Colorado, including Trinidad. Credit and Debit Cards are widely accepted. You should have no problems with getting enough cash to see you through a trip.


It is customary to tip in the United States, with a minimum of 15% considered acceptable. However you can tip more if you feel service merits it.


Generally, a citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States must first obtain a visa. Visitor visas are nonimmigrant visas for persons who want to enter the United States temporarily for business (visa category B-1), for tourism (visa category B-2), or for a combination of both purposes (B-1/B-2).

Tourism B-2

  • Tourism

  • Vacation (holiday)

  • Visit with friends or relatives

  • Medical treatment

  • Participation in social events hosted by fraternal, social, or service organizations

  • Participation by amateurs in musical, sports, or similar events or contests, if not being paid for participating

  • Enrollment in a short recreational course of study, not for credit toward a degree (for example, a two-day cooking class while on vacation)

Travel Insurance

While we don’t require travel insurance for our bike tours as a condition of booking, we highly recommend considering travel insurance against medical and personal accident risks. In this policy you will want to include coverage for cycling and suggested that you take out a policy which covers cancellation and baggage.

If you’re looking for travel insurance we advise looking at Global Rescue. They offer policies specially designed for adventure travel enthusiasts. You can get insurance coverage directly with them and then share with us your policy details.

Additional Info on Southern Colorado

English is the most common language in the United States and spoken by the majority of citizens. Still, it is not unheard of to hear Spanish names and speakers in the Colorado - New Mexico region. It should not be assumed that everyone understands or speaks it. The area also has a significant Native American influence. You should have no trouble communicating with anyone if English is spoken.

Colorado is a cannabis friendly state after voters approved recreational marijuana in 2014. Dispensaries, retailers, have a significant footprint and presence in Trinidad. However, it must be noted that cannabis be can not cross state lines and must be consumed in the privacy of homes or lodging that allows its consumption. The sale and use of cannabis is limited to those 21+.

Trinidad-Las Animas County is situated in the Purgatoire River valley at an elevation of 6,025 ft (1,836 m). It experiences a semiarid climate, with hot summers and cold winters. Summers days are hot, but due to Trinidad's high elevation, summer nights are cool, and temperatures drop sharply after sunset. Winters are cold, but milder than in many mountain towns in Colorado. In the winter, daytime highs are usually above freezing, but temperatures below 0 °F or −17.8 °C are possible, especially at night.